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Allergic To That TOO

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25 Jan

Allergic To That TOO

So I alluded to my newsletter folks a while ago to my food sensitivities/intolerance and how it’s been a royal pain in the boot.

Just so we’re on the same page, Im talking about an intolerance or sensitivity not a full on allergy, although I will refer to it as an allergy form time to time.  The difference being I shan’t die or have any severe and or sudden hazardous consequences from eating these things, just what I am going to call “offness”.

Back in November I took a small blood sample and sent it to the lab for analysis and found that I’m “allergic” to a few key things.


I have known for a long time that certain foods just don’t sit well with me, this is that offness that I mentioned.

Whenever I wanted to do something physically or mentally demanding I would avoid the foods that I knew generated said offness.

I always thought one was wheat, so I avoided bread; as well as thinking one was minimally processed dairy, so I avoided milk and yogurt although I still ate cheese.

Now let’s define the offness.

For me I noticed whenever I ate bread I would sneeze a lot, or when I had pasta or pancakes I’d get a runny nose. When I ate more than one sweet treat I would get itchy.

Just kind of figured it was a sugar and wheat thing.

Turns out my sensitivities are for dairy, eggs, and yeast. (there’s more but these are the relevant ones for this message)

So yeah, do me a favor and look through your pantry and then think about everything you ate yesterday and planed on eating today, can you tell me if there’s any yeast, eggs, or dairy involved?

Oh. In everything you just looked at and thought of.

Yeah, soooooooo.

What that means is for the next few months I can’t eat jack until my body figures out that all those foods are not a sleeper cell ready to attack me.

Moral of the story, be aware of how your body reacts to different foods.  If you really sit back and analyze you might find some food intolerance in your diet as well.

Seriously though, I would highly recommend checking it out for yourself….I got the kit from Amazon and sent it in for about $110.

Nearly forgot the best part, after cutting out the foods I’m allergic to I’m down about 6 pounds in 2-3 weeks!

Check it out HERE and have a great week.

Thyre Brooks
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