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Food Drive

Training By Tye group personal fitness training in Rancho Cucamonga will hold a food drive at the studio on April 9th to collect food for GAP Food Bank of Rancho Cucamonga. The GAP Food Bank provides basic food items to nearly 400 families here in the...

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Valentine’s Sprint or Marathon?

A lot of people did the Valentine’s Day thing yesterday in which they gave and received extra attention. But let me ask you this, is that only time you give or receive extra time, attention, and gifts? How would/does it make you feel if/when you only got...

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5 Week Transformation

Join our New Year 5 Week Blitz Transformation Contest Get tight and toned arms and thighs and melt inches of ugly belly fat We are starting january 25th so reserve your spot today for just $189 [tminus t="2016-01-23 09:00:00" style="carbonlite"/] If you're like most people, you started out with...

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Back To School Metabolism Booster

  Attention Rancho Cucamonga Residents… “At Last It's Back!! You Can Join A RANCHO CUCAMONGA  Metabolism Boosting Program That Actually Produces Lasting, Life-Changing Results!” Discover The Secrets to Melting Inches Off Your Stubborn Fat Areas, And Getting More Fit Than EVER With Our Revolutionary Nutrition and Personal Training...

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TBT Cookies?

I like food, A LOT.  You probably already knew that!  I love making healthier versions of JUNK we grew up eating. I’ve got a recipe for none other than “oreos”. But I don’t have a lot of time and I am a total kitchen klutz so...

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I Challenge You

I challenge you to a duo? Hahaha I know it’s duel, but c’mon that’s funny, because it’s a duo of vegetables…vegetables… There’s going to be 2 of them…no, you no like my pun? Whatevs Okay but seriously on July 12th we will start our “21 Day Veg-A-Day Challenge”. Here’s the...

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New Menu is up

I'm still working on getting a page for you to go to right here on the Training By Tye website so that you can order your food here. Same rules, your order must be in by 6pm Friday and your payment must be in by 9am Saturday.     ...

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The problem with that is people think they only like crap foods.  I’m not saying that a burritos or burgers are not good, because they are straight delicious. What I am saying is if you think boiled chicken and broccoli is the only way to...

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Slimmer Summer Challenge

Discover the Diet and Workout Program that will strip fat off your belly and get you toned up for the unofficial kick off of summer! Get in the best shape of your life with 3-5 simple workouts a week and a simple eating plan that...

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