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Avoid Holiday Flub

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14 Nov

Avoid Holiday Flub


I’m actually on a couple of fitness newsletters as it helps me keep up with what’s working and what’s happening in the industry.

Not sure about you, but I’m starting to get slammed with challenges like the “2 Inches on your Arm by Christmas” and “Get As Lean As Possible Before the New Year” mumbo jumbo.

Don’t get me wrong, Holiday Weight Gain BITES.

holiday survive

Not only are you unable to fit in your clothes comfortably, but people are much more tired and cranky too.

Not that getting ripped and lean is bad, buuuut on the list of priorities for my crew 6 packs are not in the top 3, 4, or 5 for that matter.

For myself and the 40+ crowd here at TBT, it is all about life strength.

We are all about being able to lift every serving dish during the holidays and chase the kids while they’re all geeked up on sugar.

We know it’s quite typical for other people to put on their “winter coat” during the holiday season, right?

Well that’s so not going to be you!


You’re a Tyetan and I’ve got you covered with what to do at all the holiday parties you’ll be attending. You know you’re going to go, I know you’re going to go, so lets figure out how to make it work for us.


1-  DO NOT GO TO HOLIDAY PARITES HUNGRY– put a little something in your belly, mainly protein. If you’re not starvin’ like poor proverbial Marvin you’re not likely to eat the entire bread basket and all the hors d’oeuvres as well as yours and your neighbor’s entree.

2-  DO NOT DRINK LIKE A FISH– now I would never tell anyone to not drink at any get-together or party, but you just cannot get hammered, capiche? Cool cool. Just nurse a glass of wine or 2 all night and be sure and get some water in too.

3-  DO NOT EAT TOO MANY SWEET TREATS– if you think  Im going to say don’t have any, you have lost your ever loving mind. Get your dessert on!

BUUUUUUUUUT and you must follow this big but so you don’t have one (did you see what I did there), but check out the whole spread and have just the 1 or 2 treats that look like they would rock your socks off.

4-  DO NOT SKIP YOUR WORKOUTS– the best way to earn the previous 3 tips is to get your workouts in. If you are busy, like most of us this time of year you can still get a 20 minute workout in at home using bodyweight or bands. You could walk briskly while shopping and carry everything instead of using a cart, or whatever, just lift something heavy and get out of breath.

I can totally help you with that too. As a matter of fact…

Holiday Survival Challenge

For a limited time you can enroll in our 21 day Holiday Survival Zero Pound Challenge for only $99.  You will receive 20+ delicious recipes, goal support, and up to 9 metabolically charged small group personal training sessions in our Rancho Cucamonga facility.

claim spot button

The last day to sign up is Friday 12/1 at 8:00pm because we are starting on Sunday December 3rd.  You’ll know if you’ve made it by whether or not the sign up button still works.

3 weeks of being the hottest person at every holiday party for just $99, now that’s a no brainer.

Quit reading and click the Claim My Spot button NOW.

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Thyre Brooks
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