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SG6 Metabolic Training

SG6 is a revolutionary 21st century fitness program format in a open floor gym space in Rancho Cucamonga with padded flooring for small groups of up to 6 people in a bootcamp-style workout using fitness equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, stability balls, med balls, dumbbells, resistance bands, sliders, and more.

These tools and this format allow for killer metabolic workouts that combine the muscle-building benefits of strength training with the fat-torching benefits of cardio interval exercise to allow you to melt loads of fat in minimal time.


Other Rancho Cucamonga boot camps just crowd as many people in as they can. While large chain gym bootcamps work in the parking lot, using the same workout at the 2 times a day they offer it.

However, SG6 was created as the anti-boot camp. We train in small groups of 6 so your trainer knows your name, your kids names and your favorite color.  The workouts are based on your needs just like a personal training session.

This is a unique way to get the specificity of personal training with the atmosphere and pricing of boot camp which is far superior to health clubs.

Our goal is to provide something for everyone and create a tight-knit, hardcore community of health and fitness fanatics. When you believe in your abilities you can unleash your potential! We couldn’t be more excited about being a part of your bright future!

To check out how you can improve your self esteem,reduce your risk of injury, enjoy mental clarity, sound sleep and much more!

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