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Tyetan Of The Month Sandy

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4 Dec

Tyetan Of The Month Sandy

Training By Tye in Rancho Cucamonga presents our TYETAN Of The Month

Each month we will select a member that is consistently hard working and a valued team member who has demonstrated what it means to be a Tyetan.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Sandra Kamiyama-Calonge, I am a math and science teacher here in the Etiwanda area and have been for over 25 years.


So why did you join TBT?

I was actually gifted a month of training from a friend who is a member here, or Tyetan as we call ourselves. She wanted to do something to help me out of my funk. After that first month I was hooked, that’s when I decided to join as a permanent member going 3 days a week.


What were things like for you before joining Training By Tye?

Before joining I was an emotional eater and never really made my health a priority. My careless actions unfortunately led to some serious health problems that came to a head in 2015, and without a great support system and low self esteem I continued to gain weight and stress. Also I would avoid pictures as much as possible, but when people made me get in them I would always hide behind people.

What was your first impression of your Training By Tye experience and workouts?

I was so nervous going in because I haven’t been truly active in decades! But one of the first things I noticed along with the small training sessions was that there weren’t any mirrors. I always get a little self conscious when I think others are looking at me so to know that nobody could see me with out actually looking at me was a great relief. That first month was a challenge and I found out there are several muscles in my body that I had not known intimately before this. Also I found my fellow Tyetans a very welcoming and supportive crew.


What tools have benefited you most while training?

The weekly emails are super encouraging, but I would say the main tool that has been the most useful has been the nutrition guide I was given during the challenge. I found that having the structure of the meal plan was what I needed to relearn how and what to eat. The last tool that helps is the app we use to sign up for training sessions, knowing that I have to check in and that I will get a phone call if I don’t have my name on the schedule for the week is great for accountability.


How is Training By Tye different from things you’ve done before? What makes us unique?

As I mentioned before there aren’t any mirrors and I’ve never been at a place that didn’t and I really like that I don’t have any distractions about my self image or embarrassed about how I look working out.  Another unique thing about the training here is the FitRanX programming.  The workouts are challenging and the FitRanX exercises are progressively more difficult as one levels up, which I found out after passing my level 1 test. And of courst Tye is a one-in-a-million coach and mentor; she is a positive influence and provides the right amount of a ‘fun push’ to get me past the discomfort to get through the workout.

What results and benefits have you experienced thus far?

I’m finally sleeping so much better, I’m so much stronger, my confidence is super high and I am now hopeful of getting off some of the medications I’m utilizing.

As far as weight loss in just the first two months I lost 4 points without changing my diet at all.  Then I was down 7 pounds in the next two months. By the following two months, 6 months later,  I was down 16 pounds and none of my clothes fit anymore!


What would you say to anyone looking at joining Training By Tye?

Seriously it sounds cliche, but “Just do it.” At Training By Tye you’ll get coaching to help you adopt and adhere to a healthier way of living through eating right and exercising in an atmosphere of support, fun, and challenging yourself. This place and Tye were exactly what I needed at the exact moment I needed it in my life. I feel amazing!

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If you too would like to jump in with 2 feet just like Sandy did and start seeing life altering results then click the button above to test drive Training By Tye. We will contact you and set you up for success.

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